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Cell Release

Are you ready to face your own issues or challenges to over come what is going on in your life?

Do you experience feelings of being mistreated, victimized, misunderstood or not properly respected? Would you like to change that feeling?

Are you ready to change your blue print of yourself and to delete the things you don't like about your life?

Cellular Release (CR) and Cellular Memory (CM) is where we go deeper – to the root of the source of physical and emotional pain. In every pain or dis-ease in our bodies there lives an emotional component at the cellular level, which goes as deep as our own DNA – our true make-up of who we are as a being. Every physical ailment stems from an emotional episode in our lives. The release is with an explosion of emotion, either through tears, laughter or even anger. There is a pressure that is applied in a certain fashion to attain the release. When removing the negative memories, they can also be accompanied by certain scents. Cellular memory trapped within our bodies form a crystal type look to them and at times may contain calcium deposits. The calcium deposits are like an insulator around these crystals. This is why you find in thee memory spots of the muscles, organs, joints and nerves; you will feel a release when press upon. Sometimes these crystals are in an organ. When this happens the organ begins to slowly fail. It's similar to placing your organ in a vice and because of this the organ slowly looses its proper function and if not taken care of, will then domino to other organs within the body.


steps to take for a CR session:

  • Consultation
  • Visual scan
  • Nutrition protocols
  • your session

For your session, you have a prepared individual or team available for you with scalar wave technology devices and you lie down in the middle, on a massage table with music. You begin to breathe, a special type of breathing, which is induced to place you in the right state of mind. Please note that CR can be performed without any of these devices. The devices just help your release happen faster and to go deeper. A session performed in this fashion can go as long as one hour and even up to five hours. It all depends on you and how ready you are to release. Your body follows the music and when the music ends you are then left to drift and process the clearer body and new programming you have received due to you letting go of old cellular memory that no longer serves you. It usually takes several days for you to come down from this "high" feeling. Enjoy your refreshed, uncovered and renewed YOU!

Thank you for choosing Keeping the Balance in You.
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