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Balance Your Energy

Balance your energy and find yourself in a better place in your life!

All of us have energy. A comparison to human energy would be that we are like computers. This energy system has different levels of power, speeds and abilities, just like us. Plus, just like a computer we upgrade as well. The more you balance your energy, the more you know about yourself and surrounding. Knowing about your energy system can help you increase the wellness of your body, clear your mind, become more intuitive, gain your hidden gifts, manifest what you want out of life easier, heal yourself and lots of other fun stuff.


Why would knowing about your human energy system be of benefit?

Release dis-ease at the cause. All problems start in the energy realms. Correct the problem there, and you get a shift through every other level including physical, emotional and mental. And its usually permanent. There can be dis-ease in an individual as well as a company or group.

Create healthy, healing relationships. Humans do all kinds of things with their energy...some good and unknowingly, a lot bad. By learning about our energy and then being responsible for it, we can create relationships that empower and honor the Divine within each person, versus destroy and disempower.

Begin to view life from the Higher Self * perspective instead of the ego. The soul often has a very different agenda for you than the ego. Harmonizing (an energy technique) these two agendas can begin to create a balance in you.

Be in your power. The subconscious holds your shadow selves, owned and unowned parts of yourself. Gain your power and reach into your subconscious and face the feeling that you don't like or that you are afraid of facing. Not doing so causes you to repeat sineros in you life until you break the pattern. Express yourself and release this fear. Even though the shadow is in the subconscious realm, it wants to express itself. With energy work you can intigrate and finially move forward.

Increase your quality of presence. Ever known people who just naturally radiate in one way form or another and you can't take your eyes away from them? That is an energy radiance. It is doesn't matter the height of the person or even if they are as wide as they are tall. If you radiate, people will want to be with you and around you. And yes, to those of you who want to stay under the radar for whatever reason, you can switch your energy so that you are invisible. The point is you get to choose.

These are just a few reasons and there are so many more ..... Please see below on the different modalities available to you.

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*Also called "OUR SOUL, the inseparable ray of the Universal and ONE SELF. It is the God above, more than within, us."
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