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Knee to Elbow Pose

A wonderful way to stay in shape and feel better mentally.

How do I know if the yoga class I am taking is right for me?


Do you get a headache or nauseous while, before or after your yoga class OR do you feel energized?
What you would expect to feel is rejuvenated, refreshed, calm, even relaxed after taking a yoga class.

Do you feel addicted to your yoga class or just look forward to it and if it is missed it is ok?
The feeling that you HAVE to be in class is not the way you are to feel, more of a feeling of wanting to go so that you can enjoy the yoga class.

Does your skin color change to a gray look or is it smoother, shiny clear glow?
You will have a healthy glow about you. As you do yoga more and more you will have a clean, smooth and clear skin.


The reason to look for these things is so that you see if you are keeping your energy or have it drained from you.


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