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Yoga Testimonials


“Jessica is my 3rd different Yoga Instructor and by far the best! Her Knowledge is exceptional and how Jessica makes Yoga work with me, is with complete ease. The stretches have given me more mobility and movement. She will talk you through every exercise no matter how small. Her soothing voice through meditation will put you places one can only dream of going! The meditation has freed my mind from stress. Thank you so much for all of your help!!”

Clifford W. C.
Houston, TX


“Yoga has helped me physically and mentally. I look forward to the classes! Jessica, though yoga has inspired me to work harder and to know my future goals are very reachable. Jessica is a wonderful Instructor! She gets my two thumbs up!”

Jacquelyn D. .
Houston, TX


“She as helped me with my back and legs. I feel so much different since Miss Jessica has been teaching me yoga! I pray that it continues to improve my back and legs. It has also helped my spirit! I am so grateful! You are GREAT Miss Jessica! Thank you so much for being here to help me!”

Pamela L.
Houston, TX


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"I can't tell you what a difference there is in my mobility and balance!  Jessica, @ Keeping the Balance In You, is so knowledgable.  I am 66, so she customizes the poses and stretches for my body.  During each stretch/pose, she explains how it will affect my body. Jessica also recommends supplements and herbs that have made a positive effect on me.   I am more conscious of my balance and range of motion.  Overall, I just plain feel better."

Janice C
Houston, TX


"Jessica's, at Keeping the balance in you, knowledge is incredibly extensive and her disposition is perfect for the expert yoga pactiioner as well as the novice.

I was having pain in my knees after picking up sports again (Soccer, Softball) in addition I had never practiced Yoga. Jessica's yoga session was just what I needed to stretch my body and put it into balance. My pain was immediately allieviated and I had a great night's sleep. Jessica kept pushing me to achive my goals but never beyond my abilities.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their yoga skills, flexibility and balance in life."

Daniel J.
Houston, TX

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