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Feng Shui Interior Design

Making a place Fen Shui can be as simple as changing colors, rearranging furniture and/ or adding plants to the area(s).

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and a Minor in Engineering Technology. I have enjoyed helping people Feng shui, cleanse and clear their place for a comfortable feeling since 1998.

Feng shui handles the main five elements in order to achieve harmony and balance in any space. These feng shui elements are: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each one of them has its own characteristics and properties.

Feng shui color knowledge can allow you to choose the right colors to create harmony in any living or working space as well as it can be used with anything that involves choosing colors. Feng shui colors should not be used randomly but according to what they represent.

The way you arrange and place furniture in your house or any other space will directly affect the way the energy or chi flows in or through it. Therefore, feng shui furniture guidelines are one main thing you should consider to harmonize the energy of your living or working space.

Feng shui can improve your home, office or any living space to have you feel free to relax and focus on work, friends and/or family. Feng shui interior design brings harmony and improves your life quality as well.

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