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3-Day Life Changing Seminar/Coaching Package

Day 1 (Day begins at 11am)

Layout/ overview
Image/ Identity/ Value
Meet and Greet
Chivalry – dead or alive ?
Standards of conduct
Night – in the Field (Demonstration and follow through)

Day 2 (Day begins at Noon)

Communication Intimacy/ seduction
Trust/ Respect
Night – in the Field

Day 3 (Day begins at Noon)

Comfort/ Confidence/ Attraction
Quality Day – in the Field
Questions and Answers

Alternative Life 1-Day Coaching Package

The package outlined below pushes the boundaries of conventional coaching and are part of what separate Jessica from everyone else. This is to generate an experience that naturally leads you toward acquiring the perspectives and frames necessary to live your best life possible. This is an alternative form of coaching that very few coaches are qualified or physically able to offer. This exclusive program is limited to a select number of people per year and clients are only accepted on a case by case basis.

Limited to 24 spots per/year

Term: One 10 Hour Day
Includes all: Strategy Forms, Physical Challenges, and Evaluation Forms
One - 2 hour coaching call (at a scheduled time before 10 hour day)
One - 1 hour follow up coaching call (at a scheduled time after 10 hour day)
Location: Houston
Activity choices include: Ecstatic Dancing, 30 minute Breath Session, QiGong and Yoga
Lunch and Ceremonial Dinner

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