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Yoga For Athletes

Yoga for Sports Training and Professional Athletes

Yoga is a perfect addition to any sports training program, and for professional athletes. Yoga can be utilized in training, injury rehabilitation and prevention. But that’s not all, yoga can also be used as a preparation for competition, a race or a game increasing focus, concentration, and mental readiness.

Strength and Balance

Benefits of yoga for athletes include improved balance, flexibility, strength, endurance and mental sharpness and focus. Most athletes: golfers, baseball and tennis players, even swimmers, have one side/arm/leg stronger than the other or more flexible than the other etc. Yoga works the whole body: stretching, lengthening, strengthening equally both sides of the body, bringing balance to our body’s natural or learned “imbalances”.


Yoga is suitable for all athletes, in any sport. You will receive a yoga program or a class designed for your specific needs and goals. Jessica offers yoga classes, workshops and training for sports teams as well as for individual athletes both professional and recreational.

Modules Specifically for You

Yoga for athletes is designed to meet the needs of your particular sport and organized to modules that focus on pre-game preparedness, post-game recovery, injury rehabilitation and off-season/pre-season conditioning. Yoga is an excellent compliment and addition to any sport specific training.

A Word from a Client

"Jessica's, at Keeping the balance in you, knowledge is incredibly extensive and her disposition is perfect for the expert yoga practitioner as well as the novice.

I was having pain in my knees after picking up sports again (Soccer, Softball) in addition I had never practiced Yoga. Jessica's yoga session was just what I needed to stretch my body and put it into balance. My pain was immediately alleviated and I had a great night's sleep. Jessica kept pushing me to achieve my goals but never beyond my abilities.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their yoga skills, flexibility and balance in life."

Daniel J.
Houston, TX

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