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Private, Semi-Private and Group Lessons

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes in the Houston area

Private yoga instruction lets you enjoy the benefits of yoga, privately. Taking private yoga lessons offers you the luxury of having a class designed just for you. You get to enjoy this personal practice in the comfort of you own home and surroundings and get undivided attention and instruction from the teacher. Private lessons typically allow you to take your yoga practice to a deeper level faster than you could in a group setting.

Private Yoga Designed for You

All private yoga classes are designed to fit your specific wants and needs, whether you are looking to become more flexible, reduce stress or lose weight. Below is a brief list of some of the common reasons for embarking on a private yoga practice:

  • Yoga for Weight Loss
  • Yoga to Increase Flexibility
  • Yoga to Reduce Stress ~ Stress Management
  • Yoga for Athletes: Golf, Tennis, Football etc.
  • Yoga for Sports Training
  • Yoga for Ailments: Arthritis, Insomnia etc.
  • Yoga for Depression
  • Yoga to Increase General Well Being

The reasons for venturing into private yoga classes are as distinctive and diverse as individual people are. Your private yoga lessons are customized and unique to you. You may start with one goal in mind with your personal yoga practice, yet discover other beautiful benefits as your yoga practice grows. I would be honored to be part of your yoga journey.

Semi-Private / Small Group Yoga Lessons

Semi private yoga lessons can be a great lower cost alternative to private yoga classes. Semi-private yoga classes are ideal for 2-4 people: friends, co-workers, or family. The group is small enough that all participants still get a good amount of individual guidance and attention. The classes can be conveniently done at the comfort of your home or location, even outside during nice weather.

Semi-private yoga with friends

The semi-private classes are designed to fit your goals and desires for the yoga lessons. The classes can include, in addition to yoga practice, meditation and breathing exercises. Typical yoga class includes Vinyasa style yoga flow, with movement and breath. You do not need to have prior yoga experience. The classes can be gentle, nurturing, energizing, vigorous, rejuvenating – they are for you.

You may choose to take private or semi-private yoga lessons to learn yoga, to deepen your yoga practice, to lose weight, to increase flexibility, to reduce stress or for any other reason. Yoga is good for some many things!

Length of a Private and Semi-Private Yoga Lesson

A typical yoga class, in studio or a private lesson, lasts about one hour. Your private yoga classes are customized to fit your schedule and needs. You can choose to take one single class or several classes.

Weekend and evening classes are offered as well as classes during regular business hours.


The semi-private and private yoga lessons are available at the studio, your home or office. We can come to you. When the weather is nice we can take the lesson outdoors.

Keeping the Balance in You offers yoga classes and instruction in the Houston area.

To make an appointment for a private and semi-private yoga lesson or for any questions that you may have please contact us.

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